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Who is Mark Anthony?

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Mark Anthony is a highly respected roofing contractor based in San Diego County. He was raised in Pennsylvania and served in the USNR as a member of the SeaBees from 1971 to 1977, developing a strong work ethic and dedication to excellence that have become the foundation of his business. In 1973, he founded Mark Anthony Construction and Roofing, which he personally oversees to ensure the highest level of quality workmanship. 


Mark moved to San Diego County in 1978 and has been repairing and replacing roofs in the area ever since. His commitment to customer satisfaction has earned him a reputation as an honest and customer-oriented roofing contractor. While Mark is personally involved in every project, his team of skilled professionals comes equipped with years of experience in the roofing industry and the proven expertise required to properly install your new roofing system. Together, Mark and his team at Mark Anthony Construction and Roofing provide reliable and high-quality roofing services to the San Diego County community.

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